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About Doing Taxes


In the U.S., the deadline for filing taxes is April 15. If this falls on a weekend or federal holiday, it will usually be pushed back until the next business day.

Plan Ahead

Because the tax deadline is the same time every year, it is easy for you as a taxpayer to plan ahead. Try to get your taxes done as soon as possible and not wait until the last minute. This way if you are missing information or have questions, it will not jeopardize your ability to file on time.

Choose a Method

There are three ways to file taxes: Do them yourself, use tax preparation software or hire a professional. Doing your own return is the cheapest option, but may be time-consuming and complicated. Software is cheaper than a professional and provides simple instructions about how to file. If you have a relatively simple tax situation, there are free software options. A professional is the most expensive option, but it will minimize the time you devote to the process and offer confidence that it was done right.

Online Filing

The Internal Revenue Service prefers that all taxpayers file online, as it is more efficient and reduces errors on the part of the IRS. Filing federal tax returns online is free; there may be a charge for online filing of your state taxes, depending on where you live.

Keeping Records

Keep tax-related records for several years after submitting taxes, as you may receive notices from the IRS requesting additional information. If the IRS does require more information, or if there is a problem with your taxes, keep copies of all correspondence.

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