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Georgia State Tax Refund Information

How to Obtain

People who had too much tax money withheld by the state of Georgia can submit the individual income tax return form 500 by April 15 to receive a tax refund.

Time Frame

Taxpayers can expect to receive a refund within six to 10 days if the tax return was submitted online, and within 10 to 12 weeks if the tax return was submitted by mail, as of 2010.

Refund Status

Taxpayers can check the status of their tax refunds at the Georgia Department of Revenue website or by phone at 877-423-6711. Taxpayers must provide their social security number and the expected amount of the refund to receive an update on the status.

Unclaimed Refund Checks

Georgia holds unclaimed tax refund checks for three years after the tax return's due date. Taxpayers listed in the database of unclaimed refund checks should call 877-423-6711 to claim the check.


In 2009, the state of Georgia was forced to pay over $2 million in interest to the 270,000 taxpayers who received their refunds more than 90 days past April 15.

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