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How Can I E-File My Pennsylvania State Taxes for Free?


Log on to the Internet and go to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Department of Revenue electronic filing website (see Resources for a link).


Review the options on the right-hand side of the screen. If you previously filed your return electronically, log in using a combination of your Social Security number and your previous year's tax liability, your driver's license number, date of birth and last name or the ID and password you have previously created. If you have never e-filed before, click the "First time" option.


Click the "Continue" button to start your return. Enter the information from your tax documents into the form. Make sure you include all of your income, including income from your job, interest, capital gains, business income and other revenue.


Finish entering all your data and wait for the system to calculate the amount of your refund or the amount you owe. Enter your routing number and account number if you wish to have your refund direct deposited to your bank account.


Confirm that the information reported on your return is true and accurate, then sign your return electronically. Write down your confirmation number--you will need this number to inquire about the status of your e-filed return.

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