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How Do I Get My W2 Tax Form Over the Internet?


Go to to determine if your company uses their services to offer W-2s online. It's best to check W-2 Express first before you check with other online W-2 providers because W-2 Express is by far the biggest provider of online W-2s. Once you access the site, you'll be able to view a list of companies which use W-2 express and determine if your company is on the list.


Set up an account and log in to access your information online. Once you are enrolled in the service, you will receive an email notification once your W-2 is available. You can print a copy of the W-2 from your computer, or request that it be mailed or faxed to you.


Go to for a list of companies which offer online W-2s. This site is helpful because it also offers a comments section, which includes additional information about the online service such as which companies use the service and what information is required to access your W-2 online.

Tips and Warnings

  • Online W-2s is an employer provided service and not a government provided service. If your employer hasn't signed up for the service, then you cannot access your W-2 online.
  • W-2 Express also provides detailed guidance with regard to making adjustments to your W-2 and accessing additional information via the phone.

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