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How to Activate Your Tax ID


Find out if you are eligible. The guidelines are fairly loose. The federal government simply wants to make sure that the principal owner of the business will be applying for the EIN, and that the business is incorporated (which includes all LLCs).


Review the times on the IRS website listed in Resource 1. The online application is not open 24 hours a day. Remember that all times listed on the IRS website are based on Eastern Standard Time (EST).


Collect all of the information relating to your business. This will include LLC documents, corporation documents, names of employees, name of the business, names of principal owners and estimated earnings. You will need these to complete the online application.


Log in to the IRS online EIN application. Fill in all of the necessary information. The application is not extensive, but make sure to double-check the spelling, especially on your business name. The EIN is a unique number that will always reference the name you enter on the application.


Submit the application to the IRS. (If you need assistance with the application, IRS assistors are available by phone from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. most days. Wait for the application to be verified. The IRS must corroborate your claims. Once approved, you are assigned an EIN by phone and it is immediately active.

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