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How to Calculate Government Mileage


Look up the most recent standard mileage rates issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The IRS publishes an update every year to help business owners and the self-employed to calculate government mileage. See References for a link.


Determine the most appropriate government mileage rate to use. The government publishes three different mileage rates for business, charitable and medical and/or moving reimbursement. Select the one most appropriate for your situation.


Determine the number of miles driven over the last year. You can measure the mileage each time you make a trip, or you can estimate mileage based on a daily or weekly driving routine. Count only the miles you drive for business, charity or medical/moving.


Multiply the number of miles driven over the past year by the government mileage rate to get the dollar value of your deduction. For example, if the government business mileage rate is 50 cents and you drove 12,000 miles on business, the calculation for government mileage deductible is: 12,000 x 50 cents = $6,000.

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