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How to Calculate Total Income Joint for Tax Return


Check box two in the filing status section of federal form 1040 to indicate that you are joint taxpayers filing your income tax return together.


Enter the information of any dependents you and your spouse can claim on your income tax return in the exemptions section. Dependents are considered anyone who lived with you to whom you provided more than 50 percent of their support for more than half of the tax year.


Provide all of your income information in the income section of form 1040. Income includes any wages, salaries, tips, interest and dividends you were paid throughout the year. Also included in income is any alimony you received, unemployment compensation, rental income, self-employment income, capital gains and Social Security benefits. Enter the amounts of any income you have on the correct lines. Income in both your name and your spouse's name is required on your federal form 1040.


Add together all of the amounts in the income section from line seven to line 21. Enter the total on line 22. This is your total income.

Tips and Warnings

  • Income is reported to you from your employers and financial institutions on forms such as W2s and 1099s. The IRS requires that employers and financial institutions have these forms in the mail to taxpayers no later than Jan. 31 of each tax year.

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