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How to Check MD Tax Refund Status


Check the status of a Maryland tax refund on the Maryland comptroller's website. Maryland taxpayers will be required to provide information such as their name, Social Security number and the amount of the Maryland tax refund. Use a copy of your Maryland state tax return to provide the required information.


Check the status of a Maryland tax refund by calling (800) 218-8160 or (410) 260-7701. Provide a Social Security number, name and expected tax refund amount. Keep a copy of the Maryland state tax return nearby during the inquiry, just in case additional questions arise. In certain cases, you may be asked to indicate the filing status used on the Maryland state tax return.


Send an email to the Maryland controller's office. Send email inquiries regarding the status of a Maryland tax return to The correct Social Security number, name and expected refund amount must be included in the email.


Contact your paid tax preparer. Maryland taxpayers that used a third-party tax preparer must consult with the tax preparer to ensure a tax return was submitted to the state of Maryland. In many instances, a paid tax preparer will have a website that allows a Maryland taxpayer to check the status of their Maryland tax refund.

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