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How to Check the Status of My Income Tax Check


Check the status of your income tax check using the IRS website's "Where's My Refund" tool. According to the IRS website, taxpayers must provide the exact whole dollar amount of their expected refund check, as well as the filing status used on the tax return. Provide your Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.


Call the IRS directly. The IRS provides a toll-free number to check the status of your income tax check. Call the IRS at 800-829-4477 to speak with an IRS representative. Provide your Social Security number, whole dollar amount of the income tax check you're expecting and filing status. The IRS representative will provide the expected date when your income tax check will be mailed or direct deposited into your bank account.


Contact your tax preparer if you hired one to prepare your tax return. Do this by phone or on your paid tax preparer's website. If you used a third-party tax preparation website, log on to the tax preparation website to check the status of your income tax check.

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