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How to Claim a Child Tax Credit in BC, Canada



Complete a Registration of Live Birth form. When your baby is born, hospital staff will provide a Registration of Live Birth form to register your baby. This form must be filled out by the baby's biological mother.


Check the Child Benefits Application box on the Registration of Live Birth form. Checking this box automatically registers you to receive the Canada child tax credit. The biological mother must sign and enter her social insurance number below the Child Benefits Application box.


Send the completed Registration of Live Birth form to any B.C. Vital Statistics Agency or Service B.C. office. You can do this by mail or in person. Find a list of locations for these offices in Resources.

Older Children


Go to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website. The Canada Revenue Agency is the government department responsible for all tax matters in Canada.


Download a Canada Child Benefits Application from the CRA website. You can find this in the "Forms and Publications" area of the CRA website (or see the link in Resources below).


Fill out the Canada Child Benefits Application. The mother is expected to fill out the application, unless the father is the primary caregiver. Include your social insurance number and provide information on you, your children and your spouse.


Attach Proof of Birth if your child was born outside of Canada or is older than one year. You do not need to attach Proof of Birth if your child is younger than one year. Proof of Birth can be a birth registration or certificate, baptismal certificate or record of landing. You can find a full list of acceptable Proof of Birth documents on the Child Benefits Application itself.


Send the Child Benefits Application to a CRA Tax Center. Find a list of CRA Tax Center addresses on page two of the Child Benefits Application.

Tips and Warnings

  • It is much easier to claim the Child Tax Benefit when your child is a newborn, and you'll get your money faster.

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