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How to Donate a Vehicle to the Purple Heart Foundation


Collect the information, including the VIN (vehicle identification number), complete description and current location. Remember that the Foundation cannot accept a vehicle without a clear title. In addition, the Foundation needs full contact information for the donor and an assessment of the vehicle's condition and any repairs necessary to get it running.


Contact the Foundation. Use the on-line form at their website. They will also take the information over the telephone at 888-414-4483.


Schedule pickup. If the vehicle is running, the Foundation has drop-off sites; if not, it can be picked up at the owner's home or a storage location. A local towing company will contact the donor to arrange a time and place to pick up the vehicle, title, and keys.


Turn over the vehicle, title and keys; receive a receipt detailing your donation to be claimed on your tax return.

Tips and Warnings

  • Collect all the information beforehand from the title and the most recent registration
  • The foundation will not estimate the value of the vehicle for tax purposes. Estimate information is widely available from sites such as the National Auto Dealer's Association (NADA) or Kelley Blue Book.

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