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How to File 1099-G With E-file


Log on to the IRS's website (see Resources). You need to first create an online profile with the IRS before you can e-file. Choose "free file" from the list of options. Choose from the eligibility options listed on the next page: income limits, tax credit eligibility and filing status (married, single, self-employed). Choose the option that applies to you.


Enter your vital information, including name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth and Social Security number. Then create an online PIN. This will allow you to exit from the e-file program and return to the same page without disrupting your information.


Verify your PIN by clicking on the confirmation email sent to your address. Log back into the e-file system using your verified PIN. Choose your filing method. You will not file a 1040 return if you earn all of your income from an S corporation or a full corporation.


Decide whether you need to be walked through the program or can navigate it yourself. The IRS recommends a guide through the program. This ensures that you will not miss sections, exemptions, credits and deductions.


Enter the dollar amount listed on the 1099-G on line 10 of your Form 1040. This may not appear as such on the screen. However, when you are asked the question "Did you receive unemployment compensation last year?," this is the indication to enter the 1099-G income.


Double-check the hard copy once you e-file your return. The 1099-G amount must be listed on line 10 of the 1040 form. This is usually on the first page of the 1040.

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