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How to File Income Taxes Late in Canada When You Are Getting a Return


Collect all the information you need to file your taxes. This includes information slips, such as T4s from your employer; any relevant receipts, such as medical expenses; and income tax forms. If you are using desktop or online software to file your taxes, you do not need the paper forms.


Complete your income tax return. This includes filling in all relevant values relating to income received and deductions paid.


Submit your return to the Canada Revenue Agency. This can be done by phone, by mail or online.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you don't owe a balance on your income tax return, you will not incur any financial penalties for filing your taxes late. However, payments owed to you from the government, including GST/HST credits, Canada Child Tax Benefit payments and Old Age Security benefit payments could be delayed as a result of your late return.

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