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How to File Taxes If You Are in a Same-Sex Marriage in Massachusetts


Fill out your federal tax forms individually. Each spouse should file a separate federal tax form and claim single status.


File your state income tax form as if you were married. You can mark your status as "married filing separately" or "married filing jointly."


Combine the figures from the two federal tax forms if filing jointly. Fill in your joint state income tax form with the combined figures.


Take deductions, credits and exemptions as if you were married. On your state form, fill it out as if you were in a traditional marriage.


File electronically or mail in your forms.

Tips and Warnings

  • You might want to provide a cover sheet on your federal tax form indicating that you are indeed married, but marking single for tax purposes only.
  • See the Massachusetts Department of Revenue Web page for in-depth information regarding same-sex marriages and taxes (see Resources below). You'll need to read about the special calculations for elements of the Massachusetts taxation that are derived from the federal form.
  • Filing your taxes online (e-filing) is much quicker.
  • You cannot file under "head of household" status for your state taxes.
  • Your same-sex union is only officially recognized by the state of Massachusetts. You may lose some of your benefits if you move out of state.

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