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How to File a Form SS-5 for a Dependent


Help the dependent gather documents. To file for a social security card for the first time, the dependent must show proof of her age, identity and U.S. citizenship. A legal work visa counts as acceptable proof.


Include a document that shows the proof of the dependent's age. Most applicants supply a birth certificate. If this is not available, other acceptable forms of identification include a passport, final adoption degree or a religious record taken before the applicant turned 5-years old.


Show proof of identity with a document that has the applicant's legal name on it. The Social Security Administration prefers papers created in the U.S. that have the dependent's name, parents' names and date of birth. The office will accept recently issued photo identifications. However, if you mail this in, it must include biographical information, such as date of birth, age and the names of the applicant's parents.


Submit additional documents. Applicants should provide a passport, a U.S. driver's license, or a non-driver identity card. These forms are widely used to show identity and proof of age. The office will not accept social security stubs or a hospital "souvenir" birth certificate as official evidence.


Obtain the SS-5 form to file an application. You can get the form through a Social Security Administration office. You also can call 1-800-772-1213, or visit the SSA website (see Resources below). Fill out the form with blue or black ink and submit it to the Social Security Administration. You must know the social security numbers of the dependent's parents to complete the application.

Tips and Warnings

  • When helping a dependent file the SS-5 form, make sure you enter the appropriate information in section 17 regarding your relationship to the person.
  • If the dependent is 12 years or older, he must submit the form in person at the Social Security Administration. This is done only if he is a first time applicant.

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