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How to File for a Tax Extension in Idaho


Complete the tax payment worksheet on Idaho Form 51 to determine the minimum amount you must pay to qualify for the automatic extension to file. If the amount on line 12 is less than $50, you do not have to submit a payment to qualify for the tax extension. However, the state may still charge you interest.


Complete the "Estimated Payment of Idaho Individual Income Tax" voucher at the end of Form 51. Enclose payment of at least the amount on line 12 of the tax payment worksheet to qualify for the filing extension, which will exempt you from late payment penalties. In order to avoid interest payments, you must pay the full amount you owe.


Mail the voucher and payment to the Idaho State Tax Commission, PO Box 83784, Boise, ID 83707-3784, by April 15 to qualify for the extension. The April 15 deadline is a postmark deadline.


Complete your Idaho state income tax return and file it by Oct. 15.

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