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How to Find Out About Tax Law Changes and Program Updates in TurboTax


Go to the Start menu and choose Programs, then TurboTax.


Click on Readme1040.


Read the information.


Open TurboTax.


Follow Intuit's instructions for updating the program (changes may have been made since your CD-ROM was published).


Click on the highlighted word "here" in the introductory window.


Read the information in the pop-up window.


Find "What's New for [tax year here]." Click on that phrase.


Read the information.


Click underlined blue text or check the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Web site ( for more information on specific topics.

Tips and Warnings

  • Get publications from the IRS if you need detailed information.
  • Check books published by major accounting firms for easier-to-understand information.
  • If you use TurboTax's EasyStep method, you don't need to learn about tax law changes to complete your taxes.

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