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How to Find the Assessed Value of an Iowa Home


Log on to the Iowa State Association of Assessors website (see the Resource section for a link) and find your county assessor. Click on the county in the list below the map, or click on the county on the map.


Click on the blue link that takes you to a particular county's assessor's home page.


Click on "Parcel Search," "Property Search" or a similar option on the next page.


Identify the property by homeowner name, parcel number, address or legal description. The Polk County Assessor's Office, for example, gives six options to search with; homeowner, general, legal, book/page, commercial (for commercial properties) and photo.


Email, call or visit the assessor's office if there is no link listed. Some smaller communities do not have property records available online. Provide the office with the information it needs to identify the property and supply you with its assessed value.

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