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How to Form an LLC for a Home Day Care


Collect all of the information that you'll need to create the LLC. This will include at least all of the following: Business name, business purpose, number and name of owners (principals) and business address. You may also want to get together any business financial records, too.


Hire an attorney who specializes in trusts and estate planning. These professionals will have the most skills for what you need. Research your local community, and ask your friends, family members and colleagues for referrals. You should be able to get free quotes for an LLC creation from all prospective attorneys.


Choose an attorney and schedule a meeting to discuss the LLC arrangement. You will need to bring all of the documents you collected in Step 1. Also, before you come to the meeting, contact your attorney and ask if she will need to see anything specific that you may not have considered.


Bring day care-specific documents. These will include price ranges for children (including age brackets), a list of facilities (with any certifications from the State), the property in which the business is conducted and your training certifications (e.g. CPR).


Draft the paperwork with your attorney. This is a relatively painless process, but the processing fee for filing an LLC can be costly (usually between $100 and $800). Remember that this is in addition to the attorney fee.


Fill in the following forms: Articles of Operation (business address, business owner), Certification of Authority, LLC Articles Filing Letters and the Operating Agreement for Member-Managed LLC.


Double check your paperwork with your attorney, making sure that the LLC is designated as "Day Care Service." Your attorney will file the paperwork with the correct state department.

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