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How to Get Help for Overdue Taxes


File your overdue tax return immediately. The IRS' policy is that it is never too late to file your return, although delinquent returns do accrue interest and penalties on tax owed.


Pay as much as you can to the IRS when you file your overdue return. You are encouraged to pay the full amount of your overdue taxes, but if you cannot it is better to pay something than nothing. The less you owe, the less interest that will continue to accrue on your tax balance.


Apply for a monthly installment program. Fill out a Form 9465 and send it to the IRS to request a monthly payment plan for your overdue taxes. You can choose the amount you can afford to pay each month and the day of the month you'd like to pay.

Tips and Warnings

  • Contact the IRS to discuss your options at 800-829-1040. An IRS representative will assist you in answering any questions you may have and is willing to work with you to resolve the issue of your overdue taxes.

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