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How to Get a State Sales Tax Number


Find out what your state's laws are regarding resale tax. Some states, such as Alaska and Delaware, do not charge any sales tax, so even wholesale buyers are exempt from paying it. However, you will still need some kind of paperwork to show your business status when April 15 rolls around.


Get a list of filing requirements from your local tax office or Chamber of Commerce. You may be able to find the information online by accessing your state's official website, or you can visit a local office to inquire about the required paperwork.


Provide the tax office with all the information required, including how you will use the certificate, as this may result in a different type of certificate or license being issued to you.


File for a state sales tax number before you need it. It may take several months for the procedure to be finalized and there may be additional forms to file and fees.


Ask for a breakdown of the fees. To get a state sales tax number you will have to go through a series of steps, several of which may require stamps, certifications or other fees (depending on your state). Rather than finding out about these expenses as you go along, request full details in advance.

Tips and Warnings

  • Legitimate wholesale companies will not sell to individuals without a proper sales tax number. Be suspicious if you see advertisements for people claiming to have the secret to "buying wholesale."
  • Technically, you need a vendor's tax number if you plan to regularly sell at craft fairs, flea markets or antique shows. This is the case even if you are selling your own creations and not buying anything wholesale.

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