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How to Handle a Tax Audit


Organize your records. You want to get any receipts and tax records together that are applicable to the audit.


Prepare to deal with the specific cause of the audit. The audit notice will let you know why you are being audited. Try to figure out ahead of time if there is any validity to their claim.


Consider hiring a tax attorney. If you do not want to put out the money for a tax attorney, at the very least seek out help from your accountant.


Ask for time to look over any documents. Review any paperwork provided by the auditor before you put your signature to it.


Attempt to negotiate their decision. If the audit ruling is not in your favor, ask if there is any way that certain fees can be waived or penalties avoided.

Tips and Warnings

  • Keep in mind that you have the right to appeal any decision made by the IRS.
  • Don't panic if you receive an audit notice. Keeping a cool head will help you get through the stress of the audit.
  • Don't fight with the auditor. Realize that he is only doing his job.

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