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How to Prepare Tax Schedule 8453


Fill out the personal information at the top of tax schedule 8453. You may also adhere the preprinted IRS label here. Enter your social security number. If you're filing a joint return then enter your spouse's information also.


Complete your refund information in Part 1. This information can be found on tax schedules 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ depending upon what form you used to complete your taxes.


Check the box in Part 2 that represents your refund or payment status. Be sure to read them all thoroughly before you make your choice. Sign and date tax schedule 8453. If this is a joint return make sure that you both sign and date the form.


Have the electronic return originator and paid tax preparer complete Part 3. They need to sign, date and fill out the firm's information if applicable.


Review the tax schedule 8453's instruction page for information on where to mail the form. The information is determined by where your e-file information was transmitted.

Tips and Warnings

  • You may be able to sign your e-form electronically using a self-selected PIN instead of having to complete tax schedule 8453. For information visit the IRS website or review publication 1345.

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