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How to Prepare Taxes for Jackson-Hewitt


Find the local Jackson Hewitt training center. Most of the Jackson Hewitt offices are privately owned franchises. There are still a few corporate offices but odds are you will be dealing with a local franchisee for your training needs. Find the training center that is closest to your home or area where you wish to work. There is an option to take the course online if you are not able to attend an onsite classroom facility. It is usually a good idea to take the onsite classes because this is where you will meet the people you will be working with during tax season.


Start looking early. Training for Jackson Hewitt usually begins in the fall of the year prior to the tax season you will be working in. It will be in late September or early October. They do this to prevent conflicts with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays as the training lasts eight weeks, often two or three days each week.


Purchase the books and materials you will need. Remember that the fee for the books is usually refunded after you begin working for the local Jackson Hewitt office. Typically these books and materials cost $80 to $150.


Attend the training and complete all assignments. A performance in the training sessions will determine how many hours during the tax season you will be asked to work. Exceptional students will get the most hours and will occasionally be asked to work in other office locations when needed. If you don't pass the classes, you may not get hired by the franchisee. The sessions will take some serious study and participation so don't assume that you will be hired simply because you paid for the books and attended the sessions.


Be prepared for the ebb and flow of the tax preparation business. Typically, the tax prep chains experience their highest volume of business in late January through late February. These customers are those who are expecting a high refund and account for a bulk of the Jackson Hewitt business. During the slow parts of the tax season, from late February through early April, hours for Jackson Hewitt preparers will be cut to account for the lower demand. The demand only peaks again shortly before the April 15 deadline.


Learn the requirements for collecting your bonuses. Each Jackson Hewitt has different levels of bonuses offered to preparers based on the number of returns prepared, the number of bank products sold, the number of Gold Guarantee insurance plans sold. Gold Guarantees are the Jackson Hewitt funded insurance policies sold to the client under the guise of insuring against mistakes made in the return. These mistakes that are actually insured against are those made by the preparers and costs the client $30.

Keep track of your bonus, and the rules concerning bonuses so that you get what is owed to you.

Tips and Warnings

  • Understand that during the four-month period you will be working for Jackson Hewitt that you will not be working 40-hour work weeks throughout this time. During the peak season, 40-hour work weeks are not unusual, but that lasts no more than two weeks.

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