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How to Save Big On Your Taxes and Get The Maximum Tax Return, Little Known Tax Tips


IRS recognizes donations made during the year and not only cash donations but of old clothing ,furniture and household items. If you don't have a receipt for these donations make sure you have a record of what you gave and when and if the total value is less than $250 you can take the deduction. Let's say even if you make a pecan pie for a church bake sale , you can write off the ingredients if you have a receipt for them.


If you volunteer your time , for example as a Big sister or Brother, or a driver for Meals on Wheels, there are several intangibles that you can write off. For example you can deduct the mileage you put on your car while driving to and from the charitable organization. You can write off the mileage.
You can also write off anything you pay for or use, for example: craft materials or dry cleaning bills , while doing charitable work.


If you're a landlord, document how often you drive to inspect your property or how often you use your car to run errands related to your rental, so you can write off the mileage. This also includes trips to a home improvement store or etc.
You can also write off your home office as a tax write off as a tax deduction as long as it is used regularly and exclusively for business.
This applies even if you have a part time business such as AVON or other type of home-party business. If you qualify , you can write off every piece of business equipment, including your computer, paper shredder and the like. This deduction also included parts of bills for cleaning service fees, utilities and internet access.

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