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How to Set Preferences in TurboTax


Select Calculator from the Tools menu to view TurboTax's calculator. Drag it to a corner of your screen to leave open and out of the way.


Select Show Tax Form, in EasyStep, from the View menu to view progress on a form.


Select Go to Forms while working in EasyStep for a full-screen view of the form in progress. Click Back to Interview in the upper-right corner of the form to return to EasyStep.


Select Magnify All Forms from the Forms menu, while working in Forms method, to reduce or enlarge your screen view of forms. Pick a percentage of original size.


Use the View menu in Forms method to display or hide various program elements, as described in the following steps.


Select Smart Worksheets from the View menu to hide smart worksheets (forms TurboTax uses to simplify information entry).


Select Tool Bar from the View menu to hide the tool bar at the top of your screen, below the main menus.


Select Error Alerts from the View menu to prevent error alerts from appearing when the program thinks you made a mistake.


Select Status Bar from the View menu to hide the Status Bar at the bottom of your screen.

Tips and Warnings

  • TurboTax shows an error alert when it perceives you made a mistake in your information entry. Intuit recommends that you do not hide error alerts.

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