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How to Track a Georgia Tax Return


Track a Georgia tax return using the Georgia Department of Revenue website. Select the "Where's my return?" tool for taxpayers that filed by mail. E-filers must select the "Where's my refund?" online tool. Provide the social security number and last name of the taxpayer. When using the "Where's my refund?" tool, provide the whole dollar amount of any expected refund.


Call the Taxpayer Services Division of the Georgia Department of Revenue. Dial (877) 423-6711 to track your Georgia tax return. Provide your name, social security number and refund amount indicated on the tax return. The information you provide to the Taxpayer Services Representative will be used to track your return.


Contact your paid tax preparer. He may provide you with information about your Georgia tax return by phone or online. Supply your name, social security number and filing status. If you're expecting a refund, provide the refund amount indicated on your Georgia tax return.

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