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How to Use EasyStep to Prepare Your Return in TurboTax


Open TurboTax.


Click Update TurboTax.


Click Continue.


Follow the instructions to import data from a previous year's tax return, Quicken or QuickBooks, if you wish.


Click Continue My Return.


Fill in the appropriate information in each screen.


Save your return after entering your personal information. TurboTax creates a default name from your personal information (for example, if your name is Edward Howe, TurboTax will present "1999 Howe E Tax Return"); overtype another name if it will be easier for your future reference.


Use the Continue button to move forward through the program.


Read "How to Navigate in EasyStep in TurboTax," under Related eHows, to learn how to move to specific places in the program.

Tips and Warnings

  • Relevant FAQ (frequently asked questions) files appear in the right column sidebar under the Help button throughout EasyStep. Click on a FAQ to find answers.
  • You can skip portions of your return, if necessary, and return to them later.
  • You don't need to know which forms you need to file; TurboTax will determine that from the answers you provide to its questions. If you do know exactly which forms you need and how to fill them out, you can use Forms method to do so. TurboTax will do the math for you (see "How to Use Forms Method to Prepare Your Return in TurboTax," under Related eHows).

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