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How to Use Forms Method to Prepare Your Return in TurboTax


Open TurboTax.


Follow the instructions to import data from a previous year's tax return, Quicken or QuickBooks, if you wish.


Select Go to Forms from the Forms menu.


Enter the requested information in the Federal Information Worksheet.


Use the Tab key to move from field to field (use Shift+Tab to return to the previous field).


Click to place an "x" in a box.


Save your return after completing the worksheet.


Click the Quick Zoom button if you will use Form 1040. Otherwise, select Open a Form from the Forms menu and select Form 1040A or Form 1040EZ.


Fill out the form.


Save your return.


Select Open a Form from the Forms menu to find and open each additional form you need.


Follow the instructions for printing or electronically filing your return.

Tips and Warnings

  • Forms in the Open a Form window are not listed in alphabetical order.
  • Use EasyStep instead of Forms method unless you're certain which forms you need to complete and how to complete them.

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