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Income Limits on Social Security Benefits

Early Retirement

People can receive reduced Social Security benefits at age 62. Early retirees are subject to annual/monthly income limitations until they reach full retirement age when all income limitations are removed, the Social Security Administration says.

Paying Taxes on Benefits

If combined Social Security benefits and earned income for early retirees go over a certain amount, the person will have to pay taxes on Social Security benefits. These levels are different for individuals and married couples, the agency says.

Working While Receiving Social Security Disability

People who receive disability benefits may be able to work in a different occupation with permission from Social Security as long as their earnings are not "substantial." If income is "substantial," the person may lose his disability benefits.

Why Work on Social Security?

Social Security benefits are based on earnings. If retirees continue to work while receiving benefits, the income may increase Social Security benefits.

Income Limitations

The Social Security Administration generally increases income limitations annually to account for inflation.

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