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Missouri Property Tax Law

State and Local Property Tax

Missouri property taxes are based on a statewide tax of 3 percent per $100 valuation of the owner's property, and a local government tax, which is determined annually and based on the city, county or local governing body's budget.

Real Estate and Personal Property Assessment

In Missouri, both personal property and real estate property are assessed the local tax assessor, who values the property based on 19 percent of its market value, and personal property based on a range of 5 to 33.3 percent of its value.

Missouri Property Tax Credit

Senior citizens and persons who are 100 percent disabled may claim the Missouri Property Tax Credit on their income tax return, which in 2010 awarded a maximum credit range of $750 to $1,100 per individual. The Homestead Preservation Credit, which also aided senior citizens and 100 percent disabled individuals, was not scheduled to be extended as of the 2010 tax year.

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