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Small Business Administration Tax Help

SBA Mission

The U.S. government founded the Small Business Administration, or SBA, in 1953 as an independent agency to give small businesses a voice and to help level the playing field for small businesses owners in their competition against larger, established companies. The SBA provides a wide range of educational and assistance programs for small business owners, who generally do not have the same knowledge or resources as owners of larger firms.

SBA Website Resources

The SBA offers information on its website to help you with your small business taxes. You'll find answers to many basic questions--such as how to get a tax identification number--and information on employment taxes and taxes for the self-employed. The SBA site provides links to other resources, including the website of the Internal Revenue Service.

Other SBA Tax Assistance

For more detailed small business tax information, look for the archived chats and podcasts, available through the SBA website, that deal with tax issues.

Face-to-face Assistance

If you you live near a large city, you may be able to obtain additional tax help by making an appointment and visiting a local Small Business Development Center or a Service Corps of Retired Executives, or SCORE, chapter. Both of these SBA programs can provide technical and management assistance for a variety of small business needs, including tax help. You can find local offices by clicking on the link on the Local Resources section of the SBA's home page, and then clicking on your state.

Beyond Taxes

While you may first visit the SBA online, or an SBDC or SCORE office in person, with tax questions, take advantage of SBA's array of other information resources. A few extra minutes may provide benefits for your business.

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