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Washington State Income Tax Information


Between 1932 and 1975, voters in Washington were asked on five occasions to approve a state income tax in various forms. As of the year 2010, none of the attempts have proved successful.

Personal State Income Tax

Washington is one of only seven states in the U.S. that do not directly tax residents on their personal earned incomes. This includes any monies earned from passive income sources such as dividends and investments.

Corporate State Income Tax

Washington also does not impose an income tax on businesses or corporations. Businesses are, however, responsible for paying a business and occupation tax based on gross receipts, a public utility tax or both.


The majority of U.S. states tax residents based on their income levels and allowable deductions. In 2010, state income tax rates ranged up to 11 percent, with the highest rates in Oregon and Hawaii.


Although state income taxes are not levied upon residents or businesses in Washington, they are still required to file and pay federal income taxes at the same rate as other citizens of the United States.

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