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What Can I do if I Owe Six Years of Property Taxes?


Assess how much in taxes that you owe on the property. The tax rate will be different depending on where you live. Contact the tax assessment office of your county in order to determine what the current and historic tax rate has been for property in your area. Calculate the amount of taxes, without interest payments, that you owe. Usually, a county will seize a property for unpaid taxes if payments are at least two years overdue. If the county has discovered the evasion, they will likely add interest and other penalties to the tax bill.

Determining Eligibility for Amnesty

Find out whether your county has an amnesty program for property taxes. Such a program allows individuals with back taxes to waive penalties, fees and potentially some of the balance of the owed funds. In most cases, voluntarily coming to the county tax authorities will greatly reduce the chances of being subject to severe penalties or a tax sale being held on your property. Consider working with a tax lawyer to assist you in preparing a settlement with the county.

Paying the Back Taxes

Once you've contacted the county and developed a preliminary settlement plan, it's time to actually start paying the back taxes. Set up a payment plan if paying the taxes all at once will cause undue burden on your finances. If you're willing to work out a plan, in almost every case, the authorities will be more lenient on whether or not they seize assets to cover the tax bill. Keep to your agreement to ensure that you have no further trouble.

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